Quick Pallet Maker

Creating A Pallet with A Hole in The Middle

The following screenshots describe how we can create a pallet using Quick Pallet Maker and then add a hole o the center for later use during handling and storage. Although this prevents us from shipping some extra cases, it is a customer requirement.

Open a new document window starting from box File > New Data Sheet > Start. Enter the box dimensions and press the Add Box button.
  • 400x200x300 mm, weight 5 kg.
NOTE: for Ti-Hi pallets it is not necessary to set the Amount of boxes because QPM will fill the pallets until the pallet constraints are met. Therefore, enter zero as the amount.


Select Recalculate from the Tools menu to see the results. None of the three arrangements has a hole on the middle, therefore we are going to try with other features to see if we can calculate a pallet with a box in the middle.


Select any pallet from the list and then use Display Pallet Length from the Pallet Action menu. Not the desire result.

Pallet action


Select any of the first three pallet from the list and then use Display Box Width. Now we have the pallet we were looking for.

Pallet action


With the pallet selected, go to Tools > Layer Editor. You will see the first layer of the pallet. Click on the center box, it will be shown in white. After the box has been selected, use Clear option from the Edit menu to delete it.

Layer editor


Now with the hole of the missing box, replicate that layer to the entire pallet using the Copy Selected Layer buttom to obtain the desire pallet.


Check the new pallet arrangement using the Show Full Pallets option and Toggle Pallet View on the View menu.

Full pallet

To save your new pallet press OK and get a report on Window > Detailed Report.


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