Quick Pallet Maker

Creating Stable Pallets from Thin and Multiple Boxes

The purpose of this example is to show how Quick Pallet Maker can be used for creating pallets with multiple boxes that are packed on their most stable side even if that implies laying the narrow box on its side.

Open a new document window starting from box on File > New Data Sheet > Start from Box.

Start from box

Set the units to inches and pounds on Tools > Units > in/lbs

Please download the box list and paste the data in the input window.

NOTE: if you want more information about copying and pasting data, please visit: Pasting Box Data for Pallet Loads.

Generate stable pallets

Select the CHEP pallet 48x40 in on Pallet Dimensions menu and set the maximum load height to 60 inches on Max Load Dimensions.


If you browse through the boxes you can select some that are quite narrow to place them right-side-up and you should also notice that all the checkbox on Dimensions Allowed Vertical to Pallet are checked, therefore they can be placed on any of their sides.

Generate Stable Pallets

Go to Tools > Pallets Actions > Generate Stable Pallets, this feature suggests the type of placement that the boxes should have in order to make the pallet as stable as possible. This operation uses the default case ratio constraints to determine whether a box placed in one direction is too narrow or too tall.

Generate Stable Pallets

Now, when you scan through the boxes, you will notice that some of them will be allowed to be laid on their sides (i.e. with length or width vertical to the pallet height) while they will be constrained to be placed upright. The purpose of this is to avoid having the boxes topple during pallet transportation.

NOTE: it is important to know beforehand if the boxes can be placed on their sides in the first place. If not, then the checkboxes for those cases need to be unselected manually.

Generate Stable Pallets

Use Calculate Multiple Boxes option from the Tools menu to obtain a pallet with multiple size boxes.

NOTE: if you need to move boxes you can use the Layer Editor. To know more about this feature, please visit: Using The Layer Editor.

Generate Stable Pallets

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