Quick Pallet Maker

Custom Pallet Using the Optimize Feature

Although Quick Pallet Maker delivers automatically an optimized pallet when calculating pallets with only one box type, it is possible to obtain different configurations without using the Layer Editor. In this case, a customer wanted a layout with one row of boxes lengthwise and two rows transversal.

Open a new document window starting from box on File > New Data Sheet > Start from Box.

Start from box

Enter the box dimension in the left cells, then click on Add Box to add it to the list and change the pallet type to Europallet 1200x800 mm on the Pallet Dimensions menu.
  • 281x191x308 mm, weight 8 kg.

Use Recalculate option from the Tools menu. You will get a list of three pallets. The first type displays the boxes lengthwise to the pallet. The second type arranges them transversally. The third tries to fit as many as possible by rotating them individually. However, none of the arrangements are identical to the one that was requested.


Hence, select the second pallet and on the Pallet Actions menu choose Optimize and click Go button. Now we have the desired arrangement.

NOTE: if there is a pallet that you want and cannot be obtained with the Pallet Actions features, then you will need to use the Layer Editor.



Selecting Detailed Report from the Window menu will deliver the basic box and pallet data.


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