Quick Pallet Maker

Filling Standard Boxes with Multiple-Sized Packs

In this example, an online bookstore needs to find which one of its standard case sizes is the best one for shipping. One of their customers order four books. We are going to use the default cases available in Quick Pallet Maker.

Open a new window starting from primary package on File > New Data Sheet > Start from Primary Package. If the units are not in inches, change them on Tools > Units > in/lbs.

Primary package

Open the Load Multiple Packages window through the Tools menu.

Multiple Packages

To add an item, enter the dimensions and press Add Package. You can assign different colors to them.
  • First 7x3x10 in, weighs 0.8 lbs.
  • Second 7x3x10 in, weighs 0.8 lbs.
  • Third 6.5x5x11 in, weighs 1.5 lbs.
  • Fourth 5x2x7 in, weights 0.4 lbs.
Once you have added the four books, press Done button.

Multiple packages

What you have now is the primary package input window in which you have stored four packages to be use for filling boxes. The top part is grayed out. Set the data as follows:
  • Fill Standard Cases on the Standard Cases menu
  • Pallet CHEP 48x40
  • Maximum Slack in Case 5 inches.
Multiple packages

Select Recalculate from the Tools menu to begin the calculations, this process may take a few minutes as QPM checks how the packs fit in all of the boxes from the list. The online bookstore doesn't need to ship a pallet full of boxes with four books. Hence, only the open box drawing or movie will be necessary for showing them how to fill the boxes manually.

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