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Selecting Standard Boxes for Shipments

A QPM user needs to select which boxes to use for packing fish products and sending them using floor-loaded air freight. There are no restrictions in the air transport space. The only data the we have are the dimensions of the packages 220x180x48 mm and the amounts to ship per order: 25, 30, 45, 60, etc.

Create a short list of standard cases with rounded dimensions on Window > Standard Cases and Pallets > Standard Metric Unit Cases - External Dimensions.

Standard boxes

Open a new document window starting from primary package on New Data Sheet > Start from Primary Package.

Primary package

Then the Load Multiple Packages window through the Tools menu.

Multiple packages

Enter the package dimensions and the amount that will be shipped. In this case, the dimensions are 220x180x48, the amount is 25 items and 0.63 kg. Click on the Add Package button to add the package to the list. When finish, click on Done.

Multiple Packages

What you have now is the primary package input window in which you have stored the packages to be use for filling boxes. You will notice that the primary package area is greyed out, select Fill Standard Cases from the Standard Cases menu.

Filling standard cases

Primary package

Select Recalculate from the Tools menu to see the results. The product will not be shipped on such an inefficient pallet, the user just need to know which boxes to use and how to pack the shipment he must deliver.


To calculate the rest of the shipments you must set the amount to 30, 45 or 60. For that go to File > Change Data and repeat the steps 3 to 6.

Change data

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