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Shipment of Multiple Primary Packages in Standard Cases

This example deals with the shipment of a set amount of two types of primary packages. The customer needs to figure out which is the right case size for optimizing the load.

You will need standard cases in milimeters for this exercise. Check your Standard Metric Units Cases - External Dimensions on Window > Standard Cases and Pallets to make sure you have standard cases with all three dimensions.


Open a new document window starting from primary package on File > New Data Sheet > Start from Primary Package.

Primary package

Select Load Multiple Packages from the Tools menu. Enter the following data:
  • First package: 190x200x90 mm, weight 4 kg, amount 48.
  • Second package: 190x200x126 mm, weight 4.74 kg, amount 130.
You can change the colors to distinguish one from the other. Once you have added the two packages, press Done button.


Now you are in the primary package input window, the top part is grayed out. Select Fill Standard Cases on the Standard Cases menu.

Standard cases

Primary package

Select Recalculate from the Tools menu to see the results. Click on the box drawing to change the view and see the box content. The total shipment of 178 packages has been fit into boxes of the same size and then loaded onto a pallet


Selecting Detailed Report from the View menu will show the pallet, package and box information. In this case, since we have two different package types and three different box fills, it is recommended to print out or save three different reports and create a comment on the difference between the three. Different pallet views are also useful for sharing.


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