Quick Pallet Maker

Using Drums as Boxes

This example explains how to save a drum as a box after calculating a pallet load, this is helpful for using the drum later for calculating containers load or pallets.

Open a new document window starting from primary package on File > New Data Sheet > Start from Primary Package.


Configure the input data as follow:
  • Package Shape: cylinder.
  • External Dimensions 400x800 mm.
  • Weight: 40 kg.
  • Dimensions Allowed Vertical to Pallet: height.
  • Construction: stretch-wrap.
  • Case Count: 1.
NOTE: the pallet constraints are not relevant as we will use the calculation to save the box only for further use.


After selecting Recalculate from the Tools menu, the Available Solutions window shows the resulting pallets.


To save the cylinder as a box file you can do it either on File > Export > Box > File (XML) or right-clicking on the cylinder drawing > Export Box. Once the box is saved, you can use it on containers and pallets loads.



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