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To visit our software blog, click here.

We also have a Twitter account. To follow us and ask any question publicly, please click here.

We also have a Frequently Asked Questions web log where we post mostly recent screenshots. We will be posting the questions periodically and add those that were asked in the past. To visit the Quick Pallet Maker FAQ blog, click here

Additionally, there are Quick Pallet Maker examples in our dedicated page and we are answering all software questions as promptly as ever through our support page.

Nevertheless, here are some questions worth answering (in no particular order):

  • How much does the software cost? US$ 379 per license with volume discounts available for 3 licenses or more. For more information, please click here.
  • Are there recurring payments? No. Just pay for the permanent license and you will receive free updates and upgrades.
  • My serial number doesn't work. Please use both the serial number AND the registration name that was emailed to you. Otherwise, it won't work.
  • Can I download a trial version? Yes, please visit this page.
  • I live in the USA/UK. Does it only work with mm? You can choose between mm/kg, cm/kg and inches/lbs.
  • Do you have a server version? Yes, we now have an API and a demo server online. To see what it can do, try this web app.
  • I downloaded it once and now I want to test it again, but the demo expired. Contact us for a solution.
  • Who are your clients? Mostly small to medium-size manufacturers and packaging operations. We've also sold to several corporations including one very huge and prominent. Download the demo, use it and ask us any question so you can see why these nice people chose us.
  • But can you name some? We truly value their privacy just as we'll value yours if you become our customer.
  • Do you have examples? Yes, click here for a list.
  • I have a specific example. Please contact us and we'll see how QPM can help you solve your packaging issues, with no commitment on your behalf.

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Need Product Support?

Please remember that the Quick Pallet Maker DEMO allows you to test ALL the features prior to purchasing, including printing. If all is not fine, contact us.