Quick Pallet Maker


QPM Version: 4 and above

This example is fairly simple. We will load cylinders onto pallets and then onto containers. First, we start by opening a new window starting from Primary Package dimensions. We choose "Cylinder" as package type, enter the dimensions, choose "1" as the case count and stretch-wrap as the box construction type, which is the equivalent of not using the box at all. Example 11
Once we have the input data in place, we select "Recalculate" from the Tools menu to see the two resulting pallets. Example 11
We choose the first pallet because the amount of cylinders per pallet was greater than the second one and select "Fill Container" from the Tools menu (not from the File menu) to see the Container Fill window with the pallet in place. For this example, we select the 40' container for filling with cylinders. Example 11
After selecting "Recalculate" from the Tools menu or clicking on the second tab, we will see the resulting container. Example 11
This container can be viewed in two dimensions (note that an older but equivalent screenshot was used). Example 11